Twelve Month Challenge

Last week I stumbled on to a blog written by a girl I went to Jerusalem with about 100 years ago.
We haven't really stayed in touch, so I feel a little creepy that I'm even writing about her blog, but I've been thinking about it all week, so I have justified in my mind that she would maybe be flattered that I'm writing about her, or something like that. 
Anyway, she has decided to not buy any new clothes in 2012.
Seriously. None. 
She said the purpose was to save money and utilize the full potential of the wardrobe she already has. 
I feel like my respect for her jumped by like 1000 points, not that it was low, she's awesome.
No clothes? I keep thinking about if I could do it, and even though I don't think I'm ready right now to jump on that bandwagon (the Nordstrom anniversary sale is just around the corner and I already have my eye on about 10 different things) I feel like this is something I might want to try on a smaller scale in the future. 

Her blog, Fest, is awesome, and here is her three month wardrobe challenge update, and recently, her six month update post. Good luck Catherine! 


Hannah said...

Although I'm not sure at this point that I could do 12 months I have been taking baby steps there. I didn't buy any clothes last October and right now I'm on a two month no clothes buying stint. Unfortunately for me I don't have the will power to cut accessories out of that stint but I do feel good summoning the power to not buy everything little thing like I've done in the past. Loved this! Thanks for posting!

Stefi said...

i should do this in the fall....but you're right with the anniversary sale coming up who are we kidding????

Catherine said...

Molly!!! You're right, I AM flattered! And you're not a creep at all.

It's funny you mentioned the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because when I put out the invitation for other people to join the challenge, that's the first thing my Mom said too. Haha.

You can do it! It'll seriously make your life more fulfilling.


PS.. Miss you! Hope all is well!