Team Arie

I think this is my favorite season of the Bachelorette ever.
And since I've probably watched 15 of the 20 seasons, that's really saying something.

Unlike every other Mormon girl out there, I refuse to support Jef because there is something about him that rubs me the wrong way in a totally creepy way. Maybe it's that he looks like he is 12 years old, or maybe it's his hair that stands a foot off his head. Either way, I'm Team Arie all the way. 

So if you need me tonight, or any other Monday night for the next three weeks, I'll be busy watching Arie look "stupid hot" as he sweeps Emily off her feet. Favorite Arie moment right HERE (ah that popped trench coat collar!)


Ransom and Brooke Young said...

Me too!! When I close my eyes I like Jef enough that I wouldn't be depressed if she chose him, but I am OBSESSED with Arie (as I think Emily is too!)

Aimee said...

I don't like Arie, but I don't like Jeff either. Team Sean! haha. and yeah, I dont understand everyone on the Jef boat. He's cute for a little boy and his hair is weird and I don't think he's ready to settle either.

Erin Collins said...

I like Arie too. I don't dislike Jef but I just don't see him and Emily together. And I think Sean is too much like Brad - good looking, strong, and kind of boring. I think she will pick Arie in the end!