5 Days of No Power

Like 2 million other people, my power went out on Friday night after a HUGE storm came through.
I guess I was exhausted that night, because I literally slept through the entire thing.
The major problem with having no power is that I couldn't get to my 17th floor apartment, and there was zero chance of me running up the stairs in 100+ degree heat. I was in the middle of moving this weekend, so my bed was at my new house, but my clothes were up at the apartment. Awesome. 

 My wardrobe essentials feeling right at home in my trunk. 

The power line that was SUPPOSED to be connected to my building. 

I figured it would only be for a day or so, but man was I wrong. I've spent the past FIVE days convincing friends to let me sleep or shower at their house and have been carrying everything important to me around in my car. The power finally was fixed yesterday in both my old and new place, so I'm hoping to finally get a chance to move in and get settled! 

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Erin Collins said...

So miserable! I'm happy you have power again!