June Download

Somehow it's the middle of June already, and I'm loving the warm weather (and by warm I really mean 105 degrees, which is what it's going to feel like today)! I've had about 1,000,000 things going on lately, so here is my attempt to remember the past month...

-Mike ran a huge race at the beginning of the month. And by huge, I mean 30 miles. Though I can't understand why that is appealing to him, I had a great afternoon hanging out at a park and offering him food and water as he ran by! He did an amazing job and I am SO proud of him.

-Thank to Allie, I have become obsessed with puzzles (its like suddenly I'm 80 years old). Mike and I started one this past weekend, and got so wrapped up in it that we were late to a BBQ. We finally finished it last night, and we've already started thinking about the next one.

-I'm taking a summer class which thankfully ends tomorrow. I'm so tired of fighting traffic and waking up early on Saturday mornings just to learn how to do research or something. Summer break is just around the corner!

-Getting sick in the summer time is officially the worst. I caught an awful case of something that seemed like bronchitis, and thought I might cough up one of my lungs for a few weeks. Looking on the bright side, there is no better way to secure a lawn chair by the pool than to start coughing, suddenly no one wants to sit by you!

-I've been trying to spend lots of quality time with Katie before she leaves me for the west coast. I've loved our evening chats by the river, yoga classes, and true bonding time as we spend way too much money at Target!

-And lastly, I'm already counting down the days until my big trip home so I can hang out with these guys. At the end of July I'm going home for two and a half weeks, and I seriously couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see my entire family, and spend some really quality time with all the nephews that seem to just keep coming!

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