She's leaving me!

A few weeks Katie had some of the best but worst news ever...
she was accepted into medical school at OHSU for a MD/MPH program!
I am SO incredibly proud of her and have loved living out here with her for the past two years ago.
I seriously can't imagine moving out to DC without her, it was just so great to have someone to always turn to, especially since we've been good friends for about a decade.

Though she still has a few more weeks in DC, she already started packing and going through her stuff. I love when Katie deep cleans because honestly you never know what you're going to find. My two personal favorite things I found as she was packing up last week...

In all seriousness, as sad as I am she's leaving, so I'm happy that she's going to medical school.
Portland is lucky to have her!

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Katie Coco said...

Everyone needs a ready-to-wear mustache. I stand by my purchase decisions. I'm just shocked you didn't take the mustache for yourself! :)