Men's Springtime Essentials

-Raw Denim Jeans

I don't care who you are or how you characterize your fashion sense, this is a must have. I bought my first pair of raw denim last fall and I have not taken them off! (well literally I have, but I wear them several times a week and have not yet washed them! Don't freak out, that's normal for raw denim, read about it here.Anyway raw denim can be absurdly expensive. The most popular brands are APC, or nudies. I went the cheap (and traditional route) and bought some Levi's 501 STF. The STF stands for Shrink to Fit, which means these jeans are like nothing you have ever worn. When you first take them out they are stiff beyond belief, and can almost stand up by themselves. They are also incredibly dark (I love that!). Anyway, you can go two options, buy them true to fit and never wash them, or by them a size or two up and wash them. I have a pair that I've washed and a smaller pair that don't ever go near a washing machine. I love them both! The best part is that after months of wear they start to develop unique wear marks from your billfold, and cell phone or whatever you normally keep in your pockets. It makes these jeans uniquely yours.
2 - Oxford Shirts

If there is a greater, more classic piece of men's wear, I don't know what it is. Since moving to the East Coast I have felt the need to up my fashion game and it started with oxfords. The most beloved staple of east coast/ southern frat-star culture is the untucked washed oxford. I love my oxfords for 3 reasons: the most comfortable fabric (I even bought oxford sheets so I can sleep on it), easy care - wash it and then hang it to dry overnight, and easy to dress up or dress down. I wear my oxfords almost every day and feel comfortable talking with high power attorneys that I meet at networking events or rolling up my sleeves and laying out on the quad and soaking up some sun. You can't go wrong with an oxford shirt from any of your typical distributors: LL Bean, J Crew, or Brooks Brothers, but I would point everyone to my favorite new designer - Land's End Canvas (a youthful line from Land's End that reflects a timeless J Crew-like sensibility). Spring is great because you can get away with some fun colors rather than just the traditional blue and white. Pick up a yellow, and nice green and roll those sleeves and enjoy the spring weather!
3 - Gorgeous Oxford Shoes

A couple weeks ago, I saw a gorgeous pair of oxford shoes at the Cole Haan store over at the Pentagon City Mall. Only problem? They were 250 dollars. Then yesterday I saw my buddy Jamie at the law school in this gorgeous pair of shoes. I stopped him, insisted that he told me where he picked them up and ordered them on Amazon that night. You can pick up your own pair here
4 - Chino Blazer

Spring means sunshine and warmer weather but it still gets cold at night and when it does you need to throw this blue blazer on, with your raw denim or with a pair of dress slacks, either way it's carefree and effortless. Every man should own a blue blazer, it literally goes with everything and this model made with chino fabric is durable and easier to clean. You can pick this one up from Lands End Canvas for only 90 bucks , but LL Bean Signature also carries one that is worth checking out.
5 - Shorts
Longer days and shorter pants! I saw that on a blog the other day and loved it. Men, do not be afraid to show a little leg in the springtime, especially on the weekend. But when you do, make sure you are wearing a properly fitting pair of shorts. I offended the fashion gods for years with overly baggy cargo shorts… never again. I know subscribe to the rule that if the shorts hit at or below your knee they are too long. So embrace the warmer weather and show off some leg. And when you do, make sure to lose the socks and throw your boat shoes on. The women will find you irresistible.
Don't forget to check back later this week for another post on women's springtime essentials!

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