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Good morning blog-readers! 
I can't tell you how excited I am that Molly asked me to write a couple of guest blogs during her absence this week.  How lucky is she to be in London?!  One of my favorite places in the world.  I visited with my kid sister back in the Summer of 2008 and we had such a fantastic time at the museums, at the theaters in the West End and exploring the city via the Tube!  Anyway, let me introduce myself.

My name is Blake Behnke, and like Molly I graduated from Brigham Young University (back in 2009).  I studied history there and traveled a lot - spent a summer in Vienna traveling all around Central Europe, and another summer in Spain.  I also went to India with some friends to volunteers with the organization Rising Star Outreach.

 After graduation, I spent a year traveling!  It was the greatest time ever, and I miss it everyday.  I spent lots of time in and out of Utah (many of my friends were still in school at BYU), in Denver, New York City, Texas, Seattle and Oklahoma.  I took a lot of pictures and started a freelance photography business doing engagement, wedding and family portraits.  I spent the last few months of my freedom in Provo working at a hotel.  It was a fantastic summer - I lived with my best friend Arthur, worked hard, ate great food, and spent the days at the pool. 

All that fun came to an abrupt halt in August of this last year when I moved to DC to begin law school at George Washington.  School is hard, but I love DC.  I live in Foggy Bottom which is a fantastic area and I've made a ton of great friends at school.  I met Molly through my friends Stefi and Allie.  For the last six months, I have been begging to join the blogger's brunch, but have yet to get the invite.  To further my chances of getting an invite, I started blogging just after Christmas.  My blog, big men can be fashionable too is a tumblr (which the girls refuse to recognize as a real blog) and I invite you all to come over and participate in the conversation. 

This week, I'll have two awesome posts about spring fashion, one for men's essentials and another for women - so make sure to check back!

If you have any questions you would like me to answer feel free to post them here.

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