London Town

I'm leaving for London TODAY.
Which means that I had a to do list about 100 miles long.

By 10 am I had been at the Virginia DMV for two hours trying to get my licence for the third time when I almost lost it.
Apparently the lady helping me has never seen a Huish woman on the verge of loosing it. 
[It isn't pretty]
Luckily for her, I decided to spare her the drama and just left.
No, I still do not have a licence.

I am beyond excited to get away for the weekend and see my family!
It's been way to long since I spent quality time with Steve's family,
especially since I basically lived with them while I was at BYU.
It's supposed to be 65 and sunny the entire time I'm in London,
so I only packed skirts and sperrys hoping that will keep the rain away.

And lastly, I've asked a couple people to keep up the blog while I'm away,
so get ready for some words of wisdom from Katie, and some all knowing fashion advice from Blake!

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