East vs. West

East vs. West
Shoe edition 

A few years ago, I needed some tennis shoes. Obviously, I bought Vans which are just so West Coast.

BUT recently I've been gravitating towards Sperry Top-Sider's which remind me of all things East Coast.

Which are better?!

Personally, this one isn't even close. Sperry's win hands down.
I bought my first pair last week and have already picked my next pair.
They're just so timeless and I love everything about them!

West Coast 1- East Coast 1

Stay tuned next week for East Coast vs. West Coast music edition

1 comment:

Kim said...

Since I have a pair of each...I'd have to say I'm caught in the middle but gravitating towards the East coast. I definitely prefer my Sperrys! We're so excited to be able to see you more when we move back east! Also, who are you going to London with?