indian Piercing

Today I got my nose pierced. Here's the proof!

I got so scared that I had to hold onto Sabala's hand. Luckily it really only took a second and it feels a little bruised now, but nothing too painful.

I have to keep the big post in for about ten days to make sure there are no infections and the hole stays open, but I bought a smaller one that isn't as noticeable to switch it out.


Stephanie Marie said...

Hahaha, you are cuhrazy!

Don't tell, but I've always secretly wanted to pierce my nose. :)

Matt and Abbey said...

Not gonna lie, I am a bit shocked you got a nose piercing!You are practically a native now!

I want to know what your mother thinks about this...Mel, what are your opinions? ;)

I will be home on Tuesday but it will be late by the time we get in. Call me soon!

Kaseface said...

haha I don't think I am shocked. will you be keeping that for interviews in the nation's capital? ;)

Colby and Sarah said...

Super cute!!! I love it! I can't wait to see it in real life!

bored_stfu said...

It looks very nice! As Matt said, you look like a native now :).

You can read more about nose piercing here .