The Good Life

It doesn’t seem possible that another week could have flown by. The first week or so was definitely an adjustment. A lot of things are different than the first time I was here and with so many volunteers here, there are a lot of personalities in a very small space. This week has been so much better. I finally feel like I know what to expect from my classes and even picked up a few more to stay busy. My average day goes something like this:

6:30 – 7:30 am – Morning Prep (We volunteers get to oversee the older grades in prep, and basically are study hall monitors)

8:00 am –Breakfast

8:30-10:45 am – The first three periods of the day

10:45-11:20 – Snack and school assembly

11:20-12:50 – Two more periods of school

12:50-1:20 – Lunch!

1:20-3:35 – The last three periods of the day

3:35-4:00 – Snack

4:00-5:00 – Help with P.E. for grades 2-8

5:45-7:30 - Afternoon Prep

7:30-8:00 – Dinner!

The teachers are really intense on keeping the kids of a tight schedule, so almost ever minute of my day is busy from 6:30 am -8 pm. As crazy as my day it, they just fly by and I literally fall into bed every night. While I'm here I'm teaching 12th grade history, 11th grade political science, 10th grade indian civics, 6th grade grammar, creative writing, and literature, 4th grade creative writing, and 2nd grade creative writing and grammar.

The great event of the week happened on Tuesday. Three of us volunteers were helping with PE for the younger grades, and were playing games with about 60 + kids. Seriously out of no where a huge monsoon came rolling in. Being from Seattle I am used to rain, but this was something else completely. The rain was coming down really hard in all directions. Even though it was still warm out, the drops were huge and within minutes big puddles had already formed and I was soaked. It really scared the smaller kids and suddenly three of us were having to herd all of the kids in. They could barely open their eyes to see where they were going, and most of them were crying, so it was complete chaos. It took us a good ten minutes to get everyone inside, and by then the rain was already clearing up. It happened so fast and was pretty funny, by the end all we could do was laugh about what just happened.

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Lisa Ogles said...

Molly! I found your blog. I've read through some of your recent posts and it sounds like you're having such an awesome, fun, fulfilling, wonderful adventure! Good for you. It's fun to read about what you're doing.