She's back

Meet Rosie.
Rosie is my trusted scooter. A few years ago my dad found her in our neighbor's garage, collecting dust. Though originally Craig wanted her for himself, he was nice enough to let me take her to school, knowing that I would probably use it more than him. (Lucky for him Mel bought him a nicer one a few months later!) I stuffed her in the back of my cr-v amidst all of my clothes and pairs of shoes, and had to drive 12 hours with the windows down to avoid getting loopy from the smell of gasoline, but Rosie made it safely to Utah.

I put her away in Januaray thinking it would be too cold to drive her. I can handle some pretty cold weather, but combined with the wind chill factor of driving about 30 mph, it didn't seem worth it. After only one month of walking 20 minutes to work every morning, I decided it was time to get Rosie back out. I wouldn't call it lazy, but rather effective time management. I now can sleep an extra 20 minutes every morning because it only takes me 3 minutes to get to work on the scooter!
Technically, Rosie has been out of storage for the whole month of Februray, but I finally took a picture, so now, she's back!!

P.S. I promise in the next few days I'll post about important things, such as plans for the summer and jobs in the fall. Everything is getting finalized in the next 48 hours or so cross your fingers for me please!

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Kaseface said...

o rosie, we love rosie. how ever did we survive without her before?