Do I have to cook!?

The sign in my kitchen speaks the truth..

When I was growing up, my mother seemed to have all the answers. When I asked her how she would know things, her reply was always the same, "I'm a mother, by definition, that means I know everything." This gift that mothers have just came to her as soon as she had my sister Sarah, or so she said.

I have a lot of friends that are married, and I mean, a LOT. Suddenly it seems as if they are all obsessed with cooking. I don't mean some small rice or pasta meal, I mean home made pasta and cakes from scratch. I didn't even know you could make pasta from scratch until last week.

Since I'm single, I don't cook very much, or at all actually. My idea of a well balanced meal is Lucky Charms, since there are lots of colors and the box say there are some grains in it too. Is cooking something that like a mother's wisdom, just happens when you get married? It sure seems that way. If not, my poor husband, I haven't met you yet, but I'm already apologizing in advance.


Leash said...

bahaha molly i love you! you are so great. that's all.

Matt & Abbey said...

Molly, your blog obviously proves that your husband will love you for your wit and good-humor.

DubyDubyDo said...

Talked to Mel a few days ago and found out yes you still have a blog so now i get to check in on my favorite Huish. And the best part about being a mom...we know how to order out and call it home made. I will give you my take out menu's as a wedding gift.