It's Official!!!

As of last night, it's official...


I finally bought my ticket and all of my travel plans are finalized! I can't even begin to talk about how excited I am! I have been dreaming about returning and the kids since I left, about a year ago. There is something so special about Shanti Bhavan, and everyone involved with the project, I wish I could fully put it into words.

When I stop to think about it, I always ask myself if I'm ready. Am I ready for students so excited to tell me the answer, if I turn my back for a second, they end up standing on their desk trying to be called on? Ready for twenty pairs of eyes staring at me as I stand in front of a class room, not knowing what I'm going to teach them? Ready to relearn names like Sumati or Vasanth? Ready for rice, rice, rice and more rice? I don't think one can really ever be ready for India, but, I'm so excited, and ready for the challenges that crazy country brings.
I am leaving at the end of May and flying to London to spend time with my cousin Jared, his wife Jessica, and their baby Ryder. From there I'm flying into Bangalore at the beginning of June, and will be there until late August. I can't wait!!


Kaseface said...

that is so great! I know you will be so happy back there again :) congrats from jason and me!

Ash said...

okay, that kid in the last picture with the huge eyes--LOVE that face! hahaha--that is worth going back for.
i'm so glad for you ballsy! (and a wee bit covetous) love you!

Kjerstine said...

Molly- Hi! Not sure you'll even remember me but I randomly found your blog and HOW EXCITING you are going back to INDIA. I love it there & can't wait until I can go back and work in the Mother Theresa house!! Have a wonderful second[?!?] trip to such a beautiful country!!
Kjerstine Phillips