Goodbye Shanti Bhavan!

The past few weeks have been filled with a million things going on and have literally flown by. I spent the weekend at SB last week and tried not to go out since it was my last weekend. Thanks to an amazing package from my mom, I got to watch High School Musical 3 with the 11th grade girls on Sunday! They thought it was a gift from above and loved every part of it

The second grade has been absolutly crazy these past few weeks. I introduced them to sentence structure and how to construct simple sentences with one adjective, subject, and verb. After explaing it a million different ways and as simply as I possibly could, I would ask them if they understood and got no response. Literally.

A fellow volunteer left last week so as a goodbye to her, all of us volunteers got together and prepared a musical assembly for the kids. Since I can't carry a tune, I was assigned to the part of writing and performing a rap song about my experience. The kids thought it was the funniest thing ever and the older ones were just laughing at me.

I had to pack up my room this week and get ready to go. Joe and I left Shanti Bhavan on Wednesday afternoon and caught a flight up to Delhi where we are right now. We're going to tour around the city for a few days and then head to the Taj on Sunday or Monday.

Leaving the school and the kids was a lot harder than I would have thought. I don't think the second grade really realized that Joe and I were leaving for good until we were in the car. After our farewell assembly a group of second grade boys came up to me and were crying HUGE crocodile tears. I went to my classroom one more time to say bye and the whole class was sobbing. Not like one tear down their cheeks, like the kind of crying where they can't breath. It was really funny to see them so emotional about it and made me laugh in spite of how sad it was.

It's nice to be up north for a few days and enjoy seeing the north. Delhi is CRAZY. I think about 15 million people live here and it definitely feels like it. There are people everywhere. Sleeping on the side walks, tents in every available open space, cows wandering the city, and horns honking all the time. It is slightly overwhelming since I spent so much time in the rural south.

I'll keep posting pictures of our adventure in the north, especially pictures of the Taj! I hope all is well at home and I'll get to see everyone very soon!

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