A few from the very end...

It is tradition that volunteers dress up on their last day, so this is me in my sari with Kiran, just one of the crazy second graders.
Just getting a little love from Bina, another 11th grader
Sheeba and Maha, two of the 11th grade girls
Their less than enthusiastic response to spelling.
Just going over this weeks spelling words


Benjy said...

molly. i'm getting married soon and you are almost home! it seems like yesterday when i had to come over to your apartment to use your shower! i miss you and i'm so glad you have had such a great time over there. i wish i could have gone with you!
see you soon. be safe.

Benjy said...

even though that says benjy. it was from me. Kendal

Edu said...

Nice to find your blog Molly!

I'm Eduard from Spain, I volunteered at Shanti Bhavan in 2005.

I'm enjoying reading your posts and seeing your photos.

Take care, regards!