After some really bad luck, the train was full and we couldn't get spots in the sleeper section of the train. We got bumped to third class and sat up high on the luggage racks for the twelve hour ride. It was my most cultural experience to date and very funny to laugh at now, but something I hope to never repeat!

We spent two nights up in the mountains at an elephant reserve. Her name is Kumari, or princess!
The start of the trip down south in Madauri. The temple behind us is about 1200 years old, but get repainted every 12 years to look new. Here is our group of volunteers fresh off an overnight train.


Colby and Sarah said...

wow. that looks so cool! I'm sure that train ride is an experience you will never forget! I'm getting excited for you to come home so I can see you! Love you!

Matt said...

Molly, I'm reading your blog and totally cracking up. You are an amazing person to be out having all these adventures that seem more like a fictional novel than reality for my cute little niece.

You go girl! Keep it safe and sane. Look forward to having you home and spending an evening looking at pictures and listening to tales.

Now that your Indian students can read Roman numerals, now teach them to read financial statements and they'll be set for life.

Love ya tons!

Uncle Matt