Me with Dr. George, the founder of the Shanti Bhavan and one of the most inspirational people I've ever met.
Bina and I before I danced in my sari. She is an 11th grader and one of the two true orphans at the school. She is probably the student I'm the closest with, I love her SO much!
Just some free advertisement for my sisters company!
With the tenth graders!


Kim said...

Hi Molly (the person who is saving the earth one Indian child at a time)
! I want to sit on the beach and read Indian Vogue with you! I'm glad everything is going so well- what an awesome experience to have. We can't wait to see you again (hopefully there will be some family event before too long).

Love you!

p.s. Tyler says hi and he misses eating subway with you.

Kimberly said...

You are the cutest person I have ever seen in a sari in my life! :)

amy said...

ah! I am loving everything about your experience. and I'm coming in June. when do you get back? you can prep me :) can't wait to see what's next.