Spring Break and World Travels

Right now I'm really wishing my spring break looked something like this...

But alas, instead of soaking the sun, my view today looks something a little more like this...

The one and only thing that is getting me through this day is some recent news my boss delivered to me. In five short weeks, I'm heading back to Jerusalem!!!

I work with an organization based in Bethlehem (which is only five miles from Jerusalem), so I'm spending a week at our hospital helping with an event and overseeing some of the programs we recently funded. It's almost too good to be true, but since my ticket was purchased this weekend, I think I can finally believe that it's going to happen. Jerusalem is one of those cities you dream about, it gets inside your soul. Suddenly, the dark cold days of winter seem long gone and all I can focus on is eating humus, sunny Middle Eastern days, and lots and lots of falafels!

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Jessica Holly said...

OH. MY. GOSH. Please enjoy a Schwarma for me!!! I'm so jealous!