Inauguration 2013

Today, with a few million other people, I am spending the day watching the President getting sworn in. [Let's get real, Beyonce singing the national anthem is at least 70% of why I'm attending.] Luckily, I have friends in high places, and was able to snag a ticket so I can watch the events up close on the Capitol grounds instead of with the masses of people on the National Mall! In honor of the big day, I found a few really great mementos that I'm considering buying and passing on to posterity...

An incredibly creepy/overwhelming David Bowie/Obama t-shirt that was made for the 2009 inauguration. 

A really great shirt that confuses Obama with Jay-Z. 

And last but certainly not least, an Obama on a Unicorn mug for which I literally have no words. 

All links and even more great inaugural gear found here.   

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Nate and Jamie said...

i love the jay-z one. a solid investment for posterity.