The Ugly Cry Face

I don't like crying. 
It often makes me uncomfortable to be around, and even worse, it even makes me uncomfortable when I'm the one crying. That being said, the new year seems to have brought me uncontrollable water works which have presented themselves in public. Awesome.

[The only other recent time I cried in public was when I was on an airplane a few years ago finishing The Time Travelers Wife. I was crying so hard the guy next to me kept patting my shoulder and saying he was sorry for my loss. I didn't have the heart to tell him no one died, but rather a book was making me have a break down.]

Apparently books make me weepy, because I've found myself crying in public more than once lately, which is so incredibly awkward for everyone within a 10 foot radius of me. I'm almost finished this book, and even though it makes me weepy, I can not say enough good things about it. He puts into words so much of what I felt when I was in India, plus he has an awesome experience when he asks for directions to the bathroom and is just told no. Is that really a yes or no question? The memory of being lost in the middle of India with no idea where I was, no one that spoke English, and no bathroom kept haunting me.
Anyway, if you have some time, go read it, and hopefully you're better than I am at controlling the waterworks! 

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Susan said...

Oh gosh Molly, I just died laughing thinking about that airplane scene. Sorry for your loss? HAHA