Family in Town

Last week my aunt Cecilee and cousin Beata came into town, which meant I was able to spend some quality time playing tourist. Mike happened to be out of town that weekend, so it was the perfect time to have an action packed few days. My aunt is one of my favorite people to travel with because she always has a full schedule, which meant that even though I've lived here for two years, we did a ton of things I've never done!

In 24 hours we...
-went on a night bike tour of the monuments
-toured Mount Vernon 
-spent time at the Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial
-walked through the National Cathedral 
-stopped at Thomas Sweet, the best ice cream around
-listened to a concert at the Kennedy Center
and finally...
-took a tour about the Lincoln assassination 

Apparently I'm getting old because I spent the entire next day recovering and lounging around my house! Thanks again Cec and Bea, can't wait to see you guys soon!

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