blogging in biostats

Oh how I love spending my Thursday evenings in biostats! 
Sometimes I feel like my professor is literally speaking in Chinese. 
If I've learned anything in the past few weeks, it's that the language of math is not universal! 

In an attempt to distract myself and stay awake, naturally I turn to blogs! 
I feel like I'm always talking with my friends trying to get recommendations on what to read, so I thought it might be fun to do a list of three of my favorites right now...

This blog is my all time #1 blog. I think she writes about the most interesting topics in a really down to earth way. I also love that she lives in NYC and is my go to when I need recommendations for great places to eat. She just posted a picture of her 2 year old son starting soccer practice which melted my heart! 
Always check her blog on Fridays, she has the best links! 

She's adorable and so is her bald baby. 
I love that she does a column for the Washingtonian Magazine and wears a baseball shirt 90% of the time. 

She's best friends with Cup of Jo, so that automatically makes her awesome, plus she lives in NYC (obviously) and has twins. The perfect combination. 
Her kids are funny and so are the adventures they go on as a family. 

If anyone has any recommendations, I always love finding new ways to distract me from homework! 

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Molly B said...

i love me some biostats! what text are you using?! oh and ps. i've been a cup of jo follower for a long time and found it because of you - thanks!