No Caffeine

My name is Molly Huish and I have been off caffeine for approximately 48 hours. 
Longest 48 hours of my life. 

It all began a few months ago when I slowly began increasing my intake of Diet Coke without even realizing it. It wasn't anything excessive, just constant. This past weekend I had this crazy eye twitch that I kept telling myself was because I was tired. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I read that caffeine can also be the cause of problems such as eye twitching. 

I've also recently been obsessing over Whole Foods and the millions of foods in that store that contain titles such as "glutton free" and "organically grown." So here I am, trying to combine my need to stop drinking caffeine, and my hope to start eating healthier, less processed foods. This means I'm trying cook (insert gasp), and eating out is down to a minimal. I know cutting out Diet Coke is by no means a permanent thing, as if that were even possible!

Wish me luck, I just hope this new, healthy attitude lasts at least three weeks.


Allison Barker said...

wahoo! Way to go. I need to follow suit.

Katy Marie said...

I just hope this means you aren't cutting out Cafe Rio. Speaking of, I ran into a bunch of JC people there last night.

Ash said...

haha--glutton free! that's the way to be!