Best. Day. Ever.

There isn't anything better than one of your best friends coming back into your life.
Seriously, best friends are the best. 
And last night, I talked to Bekah for the first time in 18 months! 
She just returned home from an LDS mission to Taiwan, and I couldn't be happier.
We spent the first five minutes both kind of freaking out that this was actually happening, and then started to get caught up. Where do I even start in telling her about the past year and a half? I feel like so much has changed and I have about a billion stories to tell her, but then at the same time there is so much that is exactly the same. 
Either way, I think it's time to book a flight out west asap! 

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Lauren Kay said...

1. found your blog.
2. i love love love the j-ru pics! aaah. i miss that place.