Running [and not running]

This weekend, Mike planned a few outings to celebrate my birthday.
One of them was going to see a documentary about running.

The best part about this whole outing is that the one thing we've ever disagreed about is in fact, running.
Here's the deal, I don't work out with people.
It isn't personal, I just don't like being near anyone while I sweat out my problems.
Mike, on the other hand is a super social talk-while-running type of person.
Do you see our problem?

So we went to this documentary about some of the world's best runners,
who are all undefeated and decided to run the Western States 100.
100 miles in 15 hours.
Despite the fact that Mike was sending some serious hints about my anti social running policy, the movie was awesome and both of us got really into it.
I even told Mike that if he ran a 100 mile race, I would do 20 miles with him.
Ok, I got a little carried away.
So let's all hope that day never happens.

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