Since I have now reached the ripe old age of 23,
I have started to realize there are many things I haven't done yet.

So here is my list of [possibly somewhat ridiculous] goals for my 23rd year....

 1. Find the most amazing mac'n'cheese in DC. The perfect cheese/noodle ratio is key to success here.

2. Run more often. Well, start running.
Ok, lets start with just putting on work out clothes.

3. Pay an exorbitant amount of money to see Drake or Usher in concert...
[Drake/Usher/John Legend...I'm seeing a trend here..]

4. Meet Sasha and Malia Obama. I'll even offer to babysit.

5. See the Lion King on in NYC. I've always wanted too but every time I go to the city, I always say I'll do it next time!

6. Learn to do something domestic like sew or knit or something. It may be useful some day. Maybe?

7. Learn to drive a manual car. Sometimes when I tell people I don't know how, they look at me like I'm 12. I've heard it's a useful life skill, and we all know I could use a few more of those!

8. See the Northern Lights. This means that a trip to Iceland needs to actually happen after all this time of talking about it!

and last but not least...

9. Attend the Cannes Film Festival.
Oh, they block off the city to commoners? Please. Ye of little faith obviously don't know the power of the Katie/Molly combination.

There's a whole bunch of other things like "figure out what I'm doing with my life" and other adult sounding things, but I'm going to just stick with this list for a while...

Cheers to being 23 and having a really great year!

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dubya said...

HAPPPPPYY BBIIRTTTHDAY!!!!!!! i 100% believe you'll cross off every item on that list!