Weekend Update

This weekend seemed to go by exceptionally fast, but it was a good one so I can't complain.
Friday night [after a long nap and three Diet Cokes], we went to Busboys and Poets.
We've brunched there before with great success,
and some nights they have an open mic night.
So a large group of white kids decided to venture into a not so white area of DC to support our friend who was performing. We were welcomed with open arms and loved every minute of it.
 Taylor, bringing down the house as usual

Although almost every picture I have on this blog is with Allie, I do indeed have other friends, I promise!


Allison Barker said...

you are MY only friend...

Aimee said...

Molly. You went to Taylor's show? You do know that he's my brother in law, right? Wonderful! How do you know him?

dubya said...

but why would you need other friends when you have allie?! she's the best!! and I resent that comment miss barker!!!!