I'm not sure if it was the anxiety over taking the GRE or the fact that I inhaled a Georgetown Cupcake about two minutes before I went to bed that caused me to lay awake all last night.
I never do well before a big day. The night before I flew to Jerusalem I woke up every. single. hour. thinking I was going to miss my flight. Luckily I discovered sleeping pills before I went to India.

Anyway, I took the big test, and as of right now I'm still alive.
I was touch and go the hour after getting done, but a long conversation with Mel and some serious time with four Diet Coke's makes everything better.
Now it's time to figure out what I'm doing with my life.

Thanks for all the love!


14th Ward RS said...

Congrats Molly!! Im so glad its over for you! Did it go as well as you hoped?

Blake said...

impossible to fail when "glitter star power" is on your side, and when your breath is super fresh. winning

Erin Collins said...

I hope it went well!! Way to go!

Victoria Huish said...

4 diet cokes?! really? I'm impressed.

pro said...

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Susan said...

um, 14th ward rs was me lol


PS, I love you. And miss you.