The Weekend

You know it was a successful weekend when your room looks like this on Monday morning.
Between Target runs, baseball games, seeing movies, and Easter egg dying gatherings, I just couldn't find time to clean!

Happy Monday...
And cheers to a four day work week and warmer weather!

PS- Here are a few great things I found this weekend when I should have been cleaning...

An adorable commercial of the royal wedding dancing down the aisle...

I really don't like animals, but I would LOVE a petite giraffe! [Thanks Kasee!]

Because of DC, the end of tax season was delayed until today! Congrats to my dad for surviving the last four months!

I am obsessed with these clothbound books from Anthro...

I love that I just addressed 5,000 letters to our donors with stamps of the statue in Vegas and not NYC. Way to go US Postal service!

A friend of mine is currently in Iceland for the week.
After finding this blog about what to do there, I'm SO jealous!

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