Easter Eggs

Over the weekend it was decided that we needed to dye Easter eggs.
So after making hard boiled eggs for the first time,
we invaded Allie and Amber's house for the festivities.

I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was so busy trying to make my eggs look like
someone other than a five year old made them. [I'm just NOT crafty!]

The highlight of the evening was when Domineau made a BIG point about how important the royal wedding was and why we should all care.
After her speech she unveiled her egg, which was a tribute to Will and Kate.
Except that in all her emotions, she put the wrong prince's name.

 Hard to read, but  the winning egg of Harry + Kate

Better luck next time Dom!

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Victoria Huish said...

you've never made hard boiled eggs?? Obviously you've never lived with gma for a summer.