March Madness

What is it about March?

I think Jessica said it best when she said the weather is schizophrenic.
And since I believe the weather affects just about everything else,
things in March are just weird as well.

First off, attention must be paid to Nate Dogg, who died this morning.
He, [along with Warren G], gave us Regulators...
 The song that shaped my jr/sr high school experience.

[reguladies pre prom, 2006]

Secondly, yesterday I declared a national holiday: Talk to Someone You Used to Date Day.
Randomly, some people [yup, that is plural] that I don't often talk to anymore
decided it would be a good day to chat.
It's all fine, I'm on good terms with everyone, it was just random,
and made me more grateful than ever that I am here in DC.  

And lastly...a few things from around the web that I've found interesting today..

A dress to make a Prince look twice? Sign me up.

I dare someone to talk me out of these. Seriously, just try.

I swear my nephew is cuter than yours. I can't get enough!

Somewhere I would love to stay, though I have no idea where it actually is..

And the poster I'm buying for my room. Fitting, don't you think?

Happy Wednesday!

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