5 Reasons

I'm in an uncharacteristically good mood this morning,
which can only be explained by five things...

1. There is NOTHING that makes me happier than good weather.
And today it's going to be seventy five! Let's all hope that winter really is over with.

2. It's Friday!
To celebrate I think I'm leaving work early to enjoy the weather and get started with my weekend.

3. Weekend plans include seeing the Lincoln Lawyer, sleeping, good food, and spending some much needed quality time with Katie.

4. BYU won last night!
I'm usually pretty apathetic towards my alma mater when it comes to sports, but I am standing behind them for March Madness. Tomorrow it's Jimmer vs. Gonzaga which is going to be great.

5. It's my mom's birthday!
Happy Birthday to someone who could rule the world, bakes the best cookies,
and travels the globe with me, I love you!  

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