Top Five

Last week my boss and I had a  long discussion about our favorite movies for no apparent reason. 

I take this question very seriously as I think you can tell a lot about someone by their choices.
I mean, you will want to know if the person you're dating is more of a Bourne Identity person, or a Notebook kind of guy.
After much consideration and much rearranging, here is my list though in no particular order...
(I'm not sure what they say about me, any thoughts?)

Love & Basketball
"Double or nothing.." that line gets me EVERY time.

Home Alone
A classic that never gets old. Ever.

Ten Things I Hate About You
Tacoma, I have to represent. Plus I know every single line.

Slumdog Millionaire
Ask me to show you the dance at the end of the movie. That's how many times I've seen it.

Good Will Hunting
If Katie and I wrote a screenplay, we'd win an Oscar too. Until then this will have to suffice.


Erin Collins said...

Excellent top 5! Love all those.

Matt and Abbey said...

O.M. Gosh. Love & Basketball...10 Things I Hate About You...there are no words, noooo words except that I love it.

P.S. Could I get in and the movie action if you and Katie do ever decide to write a screenplay? I'm feeling a little left out.

Nate and Jamie said...

Thank you for including my favorites on this list. Especially Home Alone. Did you forget about Sleepless in Seattle though?