Rainy Saturday

We had a rainy Saturday this weekend in DC, which I just loved.
It reminds me of Seattle and makes me want to stay in bed all day.
Which is kind of what I did, as my dad knows.
He called at 11 am my time, and it woke me up. 
I didn't answer and rolled over to sleep for another hour.
No judgments please.

Anyway, Katie and I went to the American History Museum since we love free outings! 
We came across this gem, which made us laugh really hard and then naturally I "forced" Katie to pose for a picture. 

And then since we're still on the hunt for the best pizza in DC, we ended the day at We The Pizza on Capitol Hill.  I wasn't impressed, but that's another post for another day.

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Mary said...

uh, i didn't know you were on a pizza hunt. anyway, the best is in arlington, at Pupatella.

great, now i want some.