Girl Talk

A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Girl Talk.
Though our friendship had our ups and downs, my love for Girl Talk never wavered.

Basically, it's a guy who does mash ups of popular songs.
So his concerts are thousands of people dancing and they are...intense.

When I heard he was coming to Richmond, Katie and I jumped at the idea of getting out of DC, even for a weekend. 

We prepped for this concert and even read blogs on how to survive Girl Talk concerts.
We brought our game faces. 
 We got there a little late, just as the opening act went on, so we were in the back. 
But not for long.
 We were determined to get a better view, so together, we quite literally danced our way through 1,500 people, from the back row to the front.
 It was insane, but we survived and loved every minute of it!

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Nate and Jamie said...

not sure if Katie is dressed up....or if that's normal.