Keeping up with our concert going tradition, Katie and I went to see Lady Gaga last night.
Yes, THE Lady Gaga.
And yes, I know she is slightly crazy. 

 (Please excuse the very bright light at the top)

We had great seats, and I will have to admit, I was so impressed with the entire show.

Highlights included: 
-Gaga wearing a bra that fire came out of.
-Katie knowing the entire Bad Romance dance (should I really be surprised?)
-Watching the couple in front of us, who were pushing 60 and seemed to be there by choice. 
(thank my dying camera for this bad shot)

Next concert: Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in April! Our seats are so close we'll be able to see his grill. Get excited. 

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Kathryn Marie said...

JEALOUS. My brother and I almost went to see Gaga in SL, but it didn't happen.
What a fierce thing to do Molly! Rad.