As I walked home from the metro tonight, I listened to Bon Iver and thought about Provo. I'm not quite sure what triggered it, maybe the music which never fails to remind me of last summer, or that I was able to meet up with a good friend who was in town from BYU for a few days. Maybe it was both.

Either way, it's been almost exactly six months since I left Provo. SIX months! I can't believe how fast the time has literally flown by and the millions of things that have happened in that time to completely turn my life upside down. California, India, Grandma Jan, coming home early, being home, California again, packing, moving in, DC, job hunting, back to Seattle, a funeral, soon to be an aunt, working, making friends, DC.

I don't miss Provo yet, and though I do miss the people in Provo a lot, I know that for whatever reason, I'm not quite ready to go back. Believe me, I've tried, and as my mouse has hoovered over the "Buy" button for a Southwest ticket, I just can't bring myself to actually go through with it. At least not yet anyway. It's weird to admit, but DC is starting to feel like home now.

Maybe in six months I'll try again to go back, but until then, I'm perfectly content and am exactly where I need to be.


Kaseface said...

glad to hear it. it's funny how life works out isn't it?

Musing Elitist said...

when you do come back, let us know!