My Car

I bought a car yesterday!
I've been thinking about buying one for the past two months, but I never found anything I loved, and was just too over whelmed at the idea of going through the whole process alone.

Then this week something snapped, maybe it's that I'm so much more settled or something, but I found a car online on Monday that I liked, and went down to the dealership on Wednesday to look at it.
It was love at first sight.
Since I went alone, I was slightly overwhelmed/stressed about the whole "barter for your price" ordeal, BUT after 100,000 calls to my parents and good friend who sells cars, I got a great deal.
Then I DROVE HOME and parked it in my driveway! Ah what a great feeling!

Better pictures to follow, I was just running to work when I took this one!

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Kimberly said...

Molly! I miss you! Good news: I am putting in my papers!