The Regulators.

I was in a gang in high school. Seriously, I'm not joking.

Missing Ruiz on my 21st birthday!

I mean, no we weren't that hardcore or anything, but looking back we thought we were pretty legit. We kind of stuck to ourselves, hanging out with other people was always a little weird, and for a while there, we all kind of dated each other.

Some of the boys at prom

Well the dating part is relative since we were about 14 at the time. Anyway, there were 6 girls and 6 (perfect, right?) and in the ninth grade we started calling ourselves the Regulators. I don't even remember how the name came about, but we've stuck to it ever since. In the 9 years we've all been close I think we've been through it all, first loves, family members passing away, high school, babies, marriages, college, and real world jobs.

Senior year, post hot tubing in my shower (yes, all swimsuits stayed on)

Anyway, I saw this trailer for a movie the other day, and all I could think about was that someone stole the Regulator idea, aged us by 10 years, and made a movie out of it. It's about a group of friends that was named the romantics because of their "incestuous dating history" and I'm dying to see it. Hopefully when more of us start getting married, it won't be this dramatic. Either way, I love them all!


lharmon100 said...

"we got the nickname romantics, because of our incestuous dating history" haha

lharmon100 said...

ahaha i just read your comments after i posted mine, and we made the same comment about dating haha