My Life in Numbers

As of last week, I currently have 0 more history papers to write!

Thanks to my Anthropology of Development class, I only have 1 more presentation

In a few weeks, I'll have 2 sisters in town, and I'm so excited to be reunited.

This weekend we had this wonderful idea to push the couches together and create a massive haven of comfort in my living room. It was there that I watched 3 sessions of General Conference. (I watched the 4th one at Collins' house while cooking)

At conference in October

Ashley was here for the last 4 days. I wish more than anything she was here
this semester, but alas, I have to live with the frequent visits instead!

Last night, like most nights, I only got 5 hours of sleep because I started to form my post graduate to do list in my mind. It's miles long.

Before all of the celebration, I will have to endure 6 wonderful final exams

Recently, I've been really missing The 7, and all of the crazy times we went through here at BYU. They are each so great, and I hope they know how much I love them and have looked towards their example these past few years.

Even thought I'm really not counting, only 8 more weeks until I leave for India!

Next week I get to sell back 9 history books! Oh Happy Day!

Only 10 more minutes of class for today, and since I'm obviously paying attention, I don't think it can go fast enough.


Kaseface said...

cute post. I miss you too. and the seven. i haven't had a good girl party in far too long. it will be fun to have you here :)

Aaron & Susan said...

I love your numbers, especially the 0 and the 7 and the 8? You're going back to India?! How fun! Please tell me your flight has a layover in Honolulu? I MISS YOU!

Ash said...

If this blog post were a musical greeting card, this would be the music in it:

Oh, happy day! Happy day! He's washed my sins away!

The phrase 'happy day' will never be the same again. I LOVE you! It was so fun to visit. Next stop: seattle.

Next next stop: provo--what?!