I think you will know you made it in life when you don't vacation, but you "summer." In my attempt to have small piece of this good life, I have begun to call my weekends outside of Provo, "weekending." Maybe someday I'll be able to have the real thing instead of just two days of break!

My roommate Bekah is from a small suburb of Boise, ID, so we made the trek up there last weekend for a few days. It was so great to see Ash, bake in a real kitchen, and relive the glory days at Eagle High.

Showing me around Eagle High

Our homemade chocolate cheesecake

Downtown Eagle

This past weekend I went back up to Bountiful to hang out with Steve and Cec. Saturday night we met at the Conference Center for the YW General Broadcast. It was a really great opening to Conference next weekend, and it was so fun to be with Rin, Cec, and and 6 other 13 year old girls!

Sunny, a true child of the twenty first century

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Nate and Jamie said...

Love it. And love Sunny's hair too :)