Things as of late

So it's been a very long time since I've posted. College life really doesn't change much. I could post pictures of me at work or sitting in class, but who really wants to see those. There are a few things worth mentioning though:

1) I am going to India from Janurary 10, 2009-April 24, 2009! A friend are I are going to spend the semester working in a school and teaching the kids subjects such as math, social studies, and science. They already know english, so we won't have to teach them that. It should be the trip of a life time and I can't wait to get out of Provo for one more winter!

2) Football season with the Cougars was quite the adventure with a few good games and a few really bad ones. Luckily, we had fun in the stands and I got some great pictures!

3) Mel sent a Halloween package and my roommate and I used everything in it!

4) My cousin Jared got married, and all the Huishs came into town! It was so great to see everyone and spend time with the people I don't get to see very often.

5) Thanksgiving break and sunny California are only two weeks away! With two research papers due the day I fly out, I'm looking forward to having a little rest before finals!

Pictures soon to follow!


Kim said...

Yay for another post! I knew if I kept checking you would eventually post again! It was so fun to see you and I can't wait for Thanksgiving!

amy said...

yay. I want to talk to you more about your India thing. Field Study is so much work! we'll talk.

p.s. skipping class today was so awesome. I saw another girl from our class during class--outside of class. we both laughed about skipping class to go to the temple.