Erin's Amazing Wedding!

At the reception, all seven of us!
Erin and Nathan

Chicken fights in the pool
With all the bridesmaids
Reception dinner!

So on Thursday I flew down to San Diego with Ellen to spend a fabulous weekend in the sun! Thanks to Aunt Ruth, we spent two days in the pool hanging out with her kids. Collins even came down for dinner on Friday! Saturday was the big day as Erin Whitt became Erin Collins! The wedding was at the San Diego Temple around noon. After seeing them come out and taking pictures there, a few of us girls went down to La Jolla beach and walked around until we had to go get ready for the reception. The reception was a beautiful sit down dinner on a golf course about a half hour inland from the city. It was the first time the seven of us best friends have been together since December, so we spent the whole time just laughing and loving being together again. Overall, it was such an amazing weekend and a much needed break from Provo!

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