Tel Aviv

We climbed to the end of a rock pier to watch sunset with Tel Aviv behind us 
A sign that made me think of my mother! 
Independence Hall, the place where the State of Israel was declared 

Walking through Jaffa/Tel AvivAll my dreams will come true!

The Wishing Bridge! 
The neighborhood of Jaffa 
We started out our Tel Aviv in a neighborhood called Jaffa. This was the port of Tel Aviv and has recently undergone huge renovations and has transformed into an artist section of town. They restored the buildings to look like they did about 100 years ago, but this time with running water and plumbing. We spent the whole morning walking around this part of the city and being lectured about the history of the area. After lunch we kept walking through neighborhoods that had some of the first houses of the area of Tel Aviv. Eventually we ended up at the Declaration Hall of Israel. We sat in the room that Ben Guiron declared an Independent Jewish state on May 14, 1948 and listened to his speech. 
That night a few of us stayed in the city later than the rest of the group and spent time walking through markets and on the beach. We saw the most beautiful sunset and had a few hours to relax! 

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