Our Last Week!!

Well, its official, I have less than a week left! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, it seems so unreal that we're actually going to leave in a few days. The past week has been crazy, as is the next five days coming up. We went on two field trips this week, one around the Temple Mount walls and to look at the excavations, and another trip to the Christian Quarter of the Old City to tour a few churches and eventually the Church of the Holy Seplechur. The Church of the Holy Seplechur was orgininally built in 1009 and is believed to be the site of Jesus' cricifixation and is said to have the stone on which he was laid on as well.

We have been staying busy trying to cram for the two finals we have left. We took one today and it was so nice to get over with, but we do still have one looming on Sunday which is going to be killer. Monday and Tuesday we have two more all day field trips before our last full day on Wednesday! Things are quickly wrapping up and I am so overwhelemed at the though of leaving! It is going to be really weird going back to the real world again! I'll take a ton of pictures of this last week and post them before meeting up with Mel in Europe!!

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