Increased Security

So Gaza and Israel can't agree about much right now. Since Gaza has been launching rockets into Israel, approx. 130 in four days, Israel decided to increase patrol of the area, and cut off the power into the Gaza strip. Now Gaza is facing huge blackouts and both sides refuse to back down. Gaza is about 100 miles from us, but the Palestinians are rioting in the Old and East City. The Center won't let us go out the bottom enterance which leads right into the East City, and if we want to leave we can take a taxi into the West City, but we can only go certain places and have to be back before dark. They said they don't think the riots will last that long, and as of right now we haven't seen or heard any trouble. Since we don't get tv here, we have to get online to hear about problems happening just a few miles below us. Lucky, we're going to Egypt in a few days and hopefully by the time we come back the problem will be over! 

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