Winter Happiness

Winter has been bleak around here. Luckily for me, I have a lot of family just a few hours away from me. All of us east coasters hadn't really gotten together in a while but in the past few weeks, we all kind of realized how close we really are. I'm so incredibly lucky to absolutely love my cousins and their spouses, we Huishs tend to stick together.

Anyway, Tyler and Kim came down for a weekend with their two kids, and I decided to tag along on their family vacation for two days. I dragged them to all my favorite restaurants and became best friends with their kids. I was SO sad to see them go home!

In fact I was so sad, that I invited myself on their next trip, which happened to be the next weekend. We all met in Philly at our other cousins house with Victoria who came down from NYC. It's only a two hour drive, but I had a pretty epic drive up when my phone/GPS died and I had no idea what their address was. After a detour through a sketchy neighborhood, I did eventually make it. I love my family, and love that hanging out on a Saturday night and catching up made the dark month of February SO much better!

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kim huish said...

We had SO much fun with you! Basically not a day goes by that I don't think about our fun time in DC! You were the perfect host! Now, come see us! haha