A (late) Valentines Day Recap

The past few weeks have been kind of foggy. I've gotten sick with just about anything you can get sick with during the winter. Unfortunately Valentines Day fell during one of my worst weeks, so Mike and I had planned to have a low key night. 

I made him dinner and brought it over to his house when he got home from work. After we ate we were just settling in to watch some Parks and Rec, when he said he had something for me. He paced around the room for a second and moved the coffee table away so nothing was in front of me. Then he grabbed a shoe box and got down on one knee. 

I'll admit, my mind was racing. He was looking really uncomfortable and finally said that he loved me a lot and the gift was to show me how much he loved me he had something that he knew I'd been wanting for a long time. I opened the box....

and saw an ipad mini!!

He started dancing around, so proud of another surprise and I freaked out, so incredibly excited about the ipad. It was a great moment, and a perfect Valentines Day!!

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Caroline McKell said...

How awesome! I love the mini iPads. Way to go Mike!