A Thanksgiving Surprise

Thanksgiving was EXTRA special this year.
Mike surprised me on the plane to California and spent the entire week with my family! 
It was perfect, so here's how it all went down....

My flight left realllly early on Saturday morning, and around 5 am, Mike texted me and said his car was acting funny, and he asked our good friend Allie to drive us to the airport. I was running around trying to finish packing, and felt awful that he would bother Allie so early instead of just taking my car. They pulled up before I could really argue with him, and he grabbed my luggage and directed me to sit in the front seat.

After dropping me off, I ran into a few lines, and Mike kept texting me, asking me to let him know when I made it through security because he said he was worried I wouldn't make my flight. I made it with about 10 minutes to spare, boarded and started reading my book. 

The plane was just about full when I looked up, and there was Mike walking up the aisle. He sat down next to me and I seriously couldn't believe it. I kept asking him what he was doing here and he just smiled.  I must have asked 1,000 questions in like a minute. Was he coming the whole week? Did my family know? How long has he had his ticket?

A little background: 
The holidays have been a spot of contention with me for a few months now. I asked Mike to come to California with me back in August when I bought my ticket, and he never really committed. When he said he was going to go home to Missouri to see his family, I asked him to come for Christmas, and I got a very tentative answer. Unknown to me, Mike had bought a ticket for Thanksgiving the day after I did, and even got a seat next to me. I can't believe he let me argue and get upset about it for MONTHS.

He had to run to catch the train to our gate to make it in time and was one of the last people to board. Apparently I walked right past him when I was in the security line and hadn't even noticed!
  He had emailed my family earlier in the week to let them know, and yes, he stayed the entire week. It was so much fun to introduce him to my family and a lot of the Huish extended family. We had perfect weather, ate way too much, and did some crazy Black Friday shopping. 
The perfect Thanksgiving in every way!! 


aubrey said...

i can't believe he could keep it a secret for so long!! i love blog stalking you ;) xo!

Allison Barker said...

wahoo! I love that this worked out.

MollieinSeattle said...

Ah Molly! This is so exciting, I loved reading this story. I feel like it would be something from a movie. Way to go Mike! Can't wait to meet him. Love you!

Susan said...

Awesome!! What a great surprise!

Kaela Frame said...

So so stinkin cute! Sounds like a keeper to me :)

Jessica Holly said...

What a guy!!! I'm so happy he did this- so perfect!